In 1993 Betty Trent and Elaine Unferth began Cobblestone Children’s Center at Cobblestone Square Mall on South Main St. Approximately 6000 square feet of space was used for 65 children. The center operated from this location for 4 ½ years until the fall of 1997. In April of 1997 ground was broken for a new facility designed especially for children. The doors to this state of the art facility were opened in September of that same year.

Along with the new facility came a new name and identity – Camelot Children’s Center. For the last twenty plus years the center has flourished in it’s park-like setting. Presently over 150 children are cared for each day. Childcare, preschool programs, infant & toddlers, school age children and 4K are all part of the curriculum. A staff of 32 teachers, who come from all walks of life and all different ages, runs the center. The important goal of giving children a safe and caring environment bonds these caregivers together.

In May of 2005 Betty Trent retired after many years of service to families.

Elaine completely took over at that time and ran the center until 2010 when her daughter, Annie Sacotte, joined her in a management capacity.

In January of 2017 Elaine Unferth was able to fully retire and Annie Sacotte took over as sole owner.